Born to Roam
Some have described Charles Woollett as a powerful writer. Fellow journalist, Eva Marie Pouley of Destino magazine in an interview, said of Charles, "He is a man of many talents, a renaissance man if you will. His way with words in the realms of food and travel take you on extraordinary journeys."

Charles Woollett

It's not hard to understand that writing is his passion. Charles Woollett has been influenced by his world travels since the mid 50's and has been writing professionally about those experiences since 1992. He was born to roam.

As the son of an airline pioneer, he has traveled the globe since the age of two. So many places, people, sights and sounds for a young mind to absorb. He loved National Geographic as a boy, yes probably more about the pictures than the articles. But somehow Charles developed an insatiable desire to wander the planet. All these sensory sojourns have inspired his writing style. Self-confessed at not being scholastically inclined, except perhaps for geography, art and looking out the windows of his various boarding schools, reading and fantasy were his escapes from the mundane. His adoration for writing about travel and food came from a plethora of images, tastes and the influences of cultures from all the places he has visited over the years.

Here you will find any number of culinary temptations and trips to distant lands - set yourself free - let your imagination wander. Charles is married to wife Linda and delights in her son, August and grandson, Greyson. When not traveling, they enjoy their family and home by the lake in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Charles Woollett

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