The POWER Restaurant and Lounge
With turbo Bentleys of green, Ferraris in red & yellow, pewter Porsches, a black TT - images of a horny black toad and awesome wealth parked outside; with vanity plates like:"2FUN", "MADEIT", "OBHAVE" & "HI-TTEC", it is no wonder people slow their pace when walking by to check out the seriously chic and casually elegant.

Whether doing the obligatory 2 oz Grey Goose or the latest in obscure Tequila's at the bar/lounge as you wolf down the chef's complimentary tasty pupu's, or perhaps in for that deal-making Pellegrino lunch or a candlelit dinner where fine linen, polished crystal, glistening silver, mouth-watering dishes and velvet wines all come together over a worldly chin-wag - Bacchus is 'killer' for people watching together with one of the city's best haute cuisine menus and outstanding wine and liqueur lists. Oh, and for those prone to an intercourse cigarette (& cigar puff after 10 pm) - a secret mahogany paneled room awaits you. "BAM!" as our friend Emeril would say, "If you really wanna kick it up a notch, check this place out - it hums... ya know what I'm sayin', like the pedigree of the beautiful tin curbside, yeah baby!". Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge, THE place to see - and be seen, at the Wedgewood Hotel, where London, Paris, Riyadh, Manhattan, Hong Kong & Hollywood meet in Vancouver.

Charles Woollett

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