La Terrazza

Refined Italian
Mama Mia what a lovely restaurant from floor to ceiling and the biggest and most colorful flower arrangements I've seen outside of the Vatican. This is Andrea Bocelli for the taste buds.

It all comes together from the moment you walk in a sense of 'this is going to be GREAT' quietly envelopes you, from the polished floor, roman columns and classic paintings. The menus arrive, eyes dart from crab to carpaccio, peppered seared Ahi, grilled quail, oh yes the ever-present pan seared foie gras, and veal medallions (mine were so tender I could have cut them with my fingers). And the wine list, one of the most comprehensive, if a bit overdone, in the city. We savored the long legs, rich body & ruby red color of the '94 Primitivo - the 'original' Zinfandel. Hey, why pay $300 (unless money is no object) when you can sing and dance first class all the way to Italy & back for $34. And hats off to whoever chose their wine glasses - classic. A round of Calvados, frothy cappuccino's and a few of their now famous Chocolate Lava Cakes, that'll blow the lid off any chocoholic, let alone Robert Downey Jr. or Mt. Vesuvius for that matter. Refined Italian dining for a delectable evening to remember.
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    1088 Cambie & Pacific, Vancouver, BC
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Charles Woollett

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