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I offer original, creative, professional written copy for your travel destinations, hotel/resort, food descriptions and restaurant reviews. Each story is specifically designed to engage and captivate your audiences imaginations. The article design intent is to drive people to your venue, making your bottom line more profitable with happy customers in its wake spreading the word.

Author - Storyteller


We all have stories to tell. What I can offer, is someone who will listen and place value in your personal desire to put pen to paper, giving you a gift to share with friends, family and who knows, a world of people who might, just might want to hear more from you. From small beginnings come great things. Let this become your inspiration, your hope as you contemplate becoming a storyteller yourself. I'm here to help.


Your Partner for Success

Charles enjoys rising to the challenge, being the ultimate creative mind, as a Business developer, Conceptual thinker & Persuasive communicator. Others may see what is and wonder why - Charles see's what might be and says: "Why not!" The mark of a true 'INTJ' Myers-Briggs Type. Let's work together to take your business to the next level of success.

Dinner Party & Event Hosting

Enjoy Five Star dinning at a private dinner party extraordinaire

Charles and his wife host as few as two and up to ten dinner guests that actually dine with their hosts, enjoying cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres and a 3-7 course dinner with wine paired to compliment the menu. The evening usually ends with coffee and liqueurs and new friendships, that now stretch around the globe. All at a prix fixe, hosted by Charles & Linda. Enjoy Five Star dinning at a private dinner party extraordinaire.

Charles is available to provide services as:

  • An assignment travel & food writer for publications, resorts, cruise lines and restaurants world-wide
  • Storytelling - Creative Consultant
  • Business Development, Promotions & Marketing Consultant
  • Dinner Party and Event host

Charles Woollett

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