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The power of words can have a dramatic effect on how your business is perceived. The benefit of having Charles Woollett on your team can make the difference between being read and or fading into the mass of internet clutter. Like a good play or movie, there are three important elements to captivating your audience:

  • Characters:  I introduce the people involved. Explain the context. Reveal emotions, I try to make this real in every sense. 
  • Conflict:  the lesson is often illustrated in how the characters transforms through their experience. It's not always adversity. I take time to describe what I'm going through, including my emotions, leaving the reader with a surprise or conclusive end to my story.
  • Resolution:  how do the character(s) change? It may not be a happy ending. Providing the necessary context and emotion for the audience is to have them make the connection and process the story. Lastly, I consider the reader the most important in the process. I write to immerse them in the story, a new experience.

Business stories are non-fiction, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dry. Boring stories are boring. Period. I Consider how incorporating these three elements improves business stories making your story stand out. Words paint pictures. As a food and travel writer, I am in essence, a storyteller. I'll help to take your website or magazine readers to exciting places. I will transform your copy into dynamic, succinct and colorful descriptions that will captivate your audience.

"As a travel/food writer and restaurant critic, Charles brings to life the senses, the escape from the ordinary and takes his readers to places and palates we can only imagine".   —CJ Joslin, Publishing Manager.

Charles Woollett

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